This Judge Tells It Like It Is

This blog is intended to help as many people as possible with everyday trials and tribulations as well as other topics of interest to different age groups. I try to include blogs for young children, teens, young people, parents, grandparents, and people that live alone. from time to time, I come across articles and videos that are so poignant that I have to share them in their entirety. The following video is one of those. I came across this video on Facebook earlier today. This is aimed especially at our young people of today. Please pay attention to what the message is that this Judge is trying to convey. It can only help, it cannot hurt if you pay attention to just one thing that this Judge says. I hope that you will watch it until the end and come away with far more than just one thing that she has told these seventeen children. There are not many judges today that would take the time to do what this judge has done. Hopefully, these children will heed what she has said and change the way that they are living.