Tide Pods and Downy Balls

The pictures are not mine. I Googled to get them. I don’t know whose they are.


Tide Pods and Downy Balls are my choice for just normal clothes washing. I use the Tide with Fe-breeze in it if I am not using the Pods, and April Fresh Downy. The way they leave my clothes and linens feeling and smelling is just so nice. For stains I use Z-out when they are really stubborn. Of course for whites such as socks, linens, and wash cloths and towels I use Clorox, and if the towels and wash cloths are not color fast I use Clorox 2 for colors.

Tide PodsDownyBall 2DownyBall 1

Most people think I am just being silly about the way I am so particular about my wash. But I want and expect my wash to be a certain way, and I am going to do what ever necessary to get it that way.


The above was written on October 11, 2012, right after Tide Pods first came out. They seemed so good at first, but after a while, I started noticing big purplish splotches on my clothes. I couldn’t imagine what they were. After a couple of weeks, it occurred to me that it was the Tide Pods where they weren’t melting quickly enough and completely enough, with the results being the purplish splotches. At that time, I still had quite a lot of Tide Pods that I hadn’t used yet. I decided that I would melt them before I put them in the washing machine with the clothes. This worked out really well. Granted it was time consuming, but at least I did use all of my Tide Pods up by doing that. I went back to the liquid Tide once all of the Tide Pods were all gone. I now use Tide with Downy.

Tide with Downy