“Time Really Flies…” – Yet “Time Really Drags On”

There are two sayings that I have heard most of my teen years on, and they are, “Time really flies when you’re having fun.” and “Time really drags on.”, when what you are doing is not interesting. At any given time all of us could use one or the other of these sayings.

Ever since I was a small child, on my way to visit kin folks, it always seemed like we would never get there. That every time we went on a trip, “Time really dragged on.” The most confusing part for me as a child was that whenever my brothers and sister and I would ask “how much longer is it going to be before we get there?”, the answer never made sense. We were always told how many more hours it would be before we would get there. With not being very accurate with subtracting hours from each other, each time we asked, it seemed like we had even longer to go to get there than when we first started out. Of course, as we have grown up and become the drivers of our trips, we now know and can tell the difference. It’s not the fact of how many hours we have left to travel, just that we were so anxious to get to our destination, that we could hardly contain our excitement and expectation.

Now, on the other hand, when we were on our way back home, “Time really flies.” was true in every sense of the phrase, but it wasn’t because¬† “we were having fun”, as the last part of the phrase states. Quite the contrary, we dreaded going home. Why was this true?, you might ask. We dreaded it because we knew we were leaving the place where we were having so much fun, and going back to the same old boredom that we faced every day, before we left on our trip.

When we were just children making the long trip, of course it seemed to take a whole lot longer than what it does today. There are two reasons for this. The first reason being that we had very short attention spans and became restless very quickly. The second reason being that cars could not go as fast back in the 50s and 60s because there were not the interstates that there are today and the engines and motors were not as powerful then as they are now.

Now that we are grown, everything has changed. Cars are much more powerful today both to being made better and to being made of lighter materials. The heaver the material, in the making of the car, the more gas and the longer it will take to arrive at your destination.

Besides the obvious mentioned above, there are a few other elements taking place when we take a trip. It still seems to take longer to arrive at our destination than what it takes to return home from our trip. There are several reasons for this fact. The time element is for the most part only in our mind. We are wanting to arrive there quickly so that we will have more time to enjoy the trip while we are at our destination, but it seems that we will never arrive. Once we arrive, it seems like time flies while we are enjoying our visit, even though we know that there are the same 24 hours in a day that there has always been and will always be.

On our trip home, we are not looking forward to arriving at our destination. We know that we have unpacking to do, as well as laundry to do, get caught up with our mail, get everything ready to return to work, usually the next day after returning home, and get some much needed rest. This is so, because for the most part, when we are away from our job and home, we tend to cram everything we can into the time we have there.

When we are children, we depend on the adults to give us ideas and things to do to keep us entertained. Once we become adults, it’s all up to us individually to keep our self entertained. Yes, I know, it’s sometimes heck to grow up. But we all have to do it and as the saying goes, “go with the flow”.