Tripp Halstead Updates – 7/17/14

I have reposted Tripps updates from time to time ever since I first started reading about him and his accident. This one, as it has a very touching poem in it, really touches my heart. As I too am a poet and have written many poems to get out what I wanted to say. I can relate to where his mother, Stacy, is coming from. Please take time to read it. thank you.


Stupid Tree

At night I cry for you, for me
Every night I curse the stupid tree

The one that took your smile
Stupid tree
The one who took your laughter
Stupid tree
The one that took your spark
Yes the stupid tree
that almost took you from me

When I think about that day
I quietly bow my head to pray

I thank God that your still here with me
And they cut down that stupid stupid tree

The stupid tree turned my world around
And for many months I banged my head on the ground

Then we began to see the light
You started this courageous fight

You are better than the stupid tree
You’re fighting your way back to me

A blink, a look, a sound
Things that made my heart pound.

I can see you in there, a yearning
The wheels moving and turning

You want to fight back, you want to win
You want to be you again

I know you can do it my beautiful son
This long slow journey has just begun

You will fight the fight,
Fight with all your might

We are not going to let the stupid tree
Take any more of you from me

You’re my world, my love, a tiny piece of me
Together we are better than the stupid stupid tree.

(Just wrote this while sitting in my tub tonight)