Update 10/07/13 – 1 On Tripp Halstead


Stacy: Tripp had a really good night, he slept till 9 this morning. We already walked our Mile this morning for the Miracle Marathon I am doing this month. And we are headed over to Mimi and Bobo’s for dinner at 4. So now he is watching some Chuck and Friends and getting his formula. So I have exciting news. Our good friend Braden, from the facebook page, COTA for Braden K, is having a fundraiser Fall Festival next Saturday. I am excited to take Tripp. I am actually going to be working a booth from 12 to 4. Braden is just the cutest little thing ever and I have fallen in love with him and his family. They live close to us. He needs a heart Transplant, so I want to help. I hope anyone in the area can come out. It should be really fun! I posted in the info below. So tomorrow we go and get another CT Scan of Tripps brain. I really hope the “puddle of fluid” is not any worse, but if it is, then that is the reason he has been having worse days. I hate to see him arch so bad. I pray his surgery on Oct 22 fixes it. Thank you for all your prayers, positive thoughts and encouragement. Love you all.