Update 8/25/13 – 1 On Tripp Halstead

Stacy: Good morning. Well…I was all bragging on Tripp last night on the way home from the funeral. He did so great and he did till we got about 20 minutes from home, then with no warning at all, he just threw up everywhere. Poor baby. We pull over in dad’s suburban and we take the wheelchair out of the back and make a little area for Tripp to lay down, we change all his clothes, diaper, just let him chill for a little bit. Then we get back on the road and make it home and as soon as we get in the house, then throws up again. Once again, could be so many reasons. Going to Sylva is a lot of curves and up and down hill. He was eating (given formula through is G Tube) while we were driving. It was a long day meeting tons of new ppl. Who knows?? But after that, he slept great till 7 this morning and he seems great now. He is wide eyed and watching Dinosaur Train. We will just watch him closely and see what happens today. Thank you for all your prayers.
Below is the link that will allow you to Track our good friend Dave’s Ironman ride. GO DAVE!!! I think he starts 10:00 Eastern time. WE LOVE YOU DAVE AND KAETE!!!


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