Update 9/5/13 – 2 On Tripp Halstead


Stacy: Tripp is snoozing like a champ. His oxygen level is great and his heart rate is awesome. He has had a really good day. We sat outside on the back porch today and sang songs and read a book. We played with his toys. Tori Beth came by to see him. It is so different now that she is in kindergarten. We don’t see her everyday and little MJ has had a terrible cold so we have banned him from Tripp. Ha ha. Today Tori Beth played little cars with Tripp. We put toy cars in his hands and he just watched TB push those cars around. And as soon as MJ is better, I will post some more pictures of them playing together. It is hard work and very time consuming taking care of Tripp. Not the medical stuff, that is a whole different time consuming activity, I am talking about doing fun things to help him. It would be easy to just turn on the TV and set him in a chair but that isn’t helping him. Of course he gets down time and he watches TV but never for long periods of time. I want his brain to have to work everyday. I want him to see things and start to remember. That is why we try to mix in things he was used to, such as watching the Movie Cars, reading the same books we read before the accident, me singing the same lullaby, taking him to the same places. But also experience new things such as the aquarium. I just want my baby back or at least try my best to make him as happy as possible in this condition. If kisses could heal him, he would be the healthiest kid ever. Ha ha he just has those kissable cheeks. I am so happy when he has a good day. And it also makes me pray more for those who aren’t having good days. I know from experience with Tripp it can change so suddenly. I have been praying extra hard for baby Hawk. They are back in the hospital and my heart hurts for them. Hawk was doing great! And I know he will be doing great again!! Hang in their guys, we love you. (Doit for Hawk is their page) And always praying for Emily Bowman, (Bows for Bowman) they are hoping to go home tomorrow. And I have been in contact with Tristen Wilson’s dad and going to spend some time with them. (Tristen Wilson updates) There are so many kids that need help and are sick, it just breaks my heart. I wish I could help them all. So like you guys, I send them my prayers everyday. Tripp has a checkup with his neurosurgeon tomorrow. I hope he is having a great day and gives the dr a wave and a ummm sound. I will update after his appt. Thank you for all your prayers. Love you all. (The hubby has the game on, not a huge fan of either team, but love me some Peyton Manning)
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  • Bonnie Jean HernI just rejoice so much when I hear how well Tripp is doing. If I lived close to you, I probably would try to come over some times to just give you a break. I just love children so much. Everybody calls me Mama Hen because of how I am with everybody’s children. i wanted a house full, but lost three, so all I can do is enjoy everybody elses children. I don’t enjoy that Tripp has been hurt so badly, but I enjoy learning of his daily triumphs, no matter how small or how big. He is one special little boy. Praise God for working His miracles in Tripp. Prayers and love coming your way. I also remember those other children in my prayers, but i especially follow Tripp everyday, even if I don’t have time to copy and post to my two sites, bjhelp.com and bjhern.com. I catch up as best as I can, but my own health prevents me sometimes from doing the things i would like to do on a daily basis.
  • Catherine Bratleetonight we had company over, as usual hubby walks in the door after work and asks how the grandbabies are doing, as some started school this week and some are learning to stay home while the older sibling goes to school, then as I’m getting him his coffee he asks about Tripp, I said oh he slept really well and only had one apt today so hopefully it was an easier day on them, our friends asked if Tripp was a grandchild they didn’t know about, I looked at hubby and we both smiled and he said “yep, he’s everybody’s grandchild” Then we told them Tripp’s story and shared his Facebook page Thank you for sharing this journey with us, I know he’s in so many others hearts and prayers we love you
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  • Linette Sobierajski-PilcherYou are the type of Mother we all strive to be! Tripp is so lucky to have you as his sweet momma! You and your entire family are just the most wonderful kind hearted people. If everyone in this world were a little more like you, this world would be a much better place to live!
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