Update on 7/06/13 on Tripp Halstead

I am going to try to copy and post all of Tripp’s updates daily, whenever I am able to get to a computer. His Mother is really sweet about posting his progress on Facebook. I have come to really love that little boy and am so happy for the progress he is making. With nothing further, I will post the one for today.

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Stacy: Tripp had a good night. He woke up at 4:00 wide awake. He started crying so I took off his removable leg casts that are helping his feet start to bend, I changed his position, I talked to him and hugged and kissed him for a bit. He seemed to calm down, but as soon as I laid down, he started crying again. So I put him in bed with me and Bill and he went to sleep. He is the cutiest thing ever when he sleeps. Then he woke back up at 8 when the nurse got here. Yesterday it was funny, I wanted him to just “play” in the tub. So I took him upstairs and as I was carrying him. First I was thinking…I can not wait to move into our new house with no stairs!! He is heavy and I worry every time I have to carry him up or down those stairs, they are really steep. Next, Tripp started crying at the top of the stairs, he thought I was putting him to bed. I explained we were just going to play in the tub, then he calmed down. I love love love that he is starting to understand more. We got in and I helped him splash and I put a few toys in there and I helped him hit the ball around. He seemed to like it. So today, we have no big plans, just to spend the day together. Thank you all for your prayers! Love you all.

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