You Must Be Proud…?

This was on Facebook. Apparently the older woman doesn’t know that what the boy has on is all the style. I had to laugh at it, but then I got disgusted with it too. I think that it’s just pathetic that there are so many boys that are doing the same thing. They claim that it’s to show that they are non-conformists. I guess they are so busy being someone that doesn’t conform that they haven’t even realized that by so many young boys doing that same thing, they are doing exactly that. They are conforming with the boys that want girls and everybody else to see their crack up the back. And while they are doing that in the winter time, they are freezing along with it. They don’t look cool at all. What they look is STUPID as a chicken with their head chopped off and they are still running around the yard not realizing they have no head. Yes, I called them boys, because if they were men, they wouldn’t be running around with their pants hanging half off their back end.


Image may contain: one or more people, possible text that says 'You must be proud to have lost that much weight. Dressed'