You’re Never Too Young To Take Care Of Yourself – 11/19/14

In 2011 at 31, instead of enjoying time with husband and 5 kids, I was bone tired. Went to doctor, nothing was found. In September I started leaking blood from right breast. Went back to family doc, who sent me for mammogram/ultrasound. I went over to lab for that, and was treated like an idiot. Scans showed cysts, nothing else. I asked about bleeding and heard, “You’re young, come back in year for recheck.” I was cut off, told they know what they’re doing. I called family doctor to complain, he sent me in to surgeon to see about biopsies. Surgeon refused, said wasn’t necessary since the cysts were benign.

I gave up. But my husband said something isn’t right, someone needs to figure shit out. I called family doctor and he set me up to go to KUCancerCenter. First visit with breast surgeon at KUCC made me feel better. I explained how sick I was of hearing “You’re young, you’re fine,” and being blown off. She said she would not stop until I was satisfied with my answers. I went through more mamm/US/ductograms/biopsies/MRIs…then got the call to come in. I knew. At the visit my doc said I had breast cancer. Found thousands of micro tumors. Diagnosed November 16, double mastectomy December 20. Found in lymph nodes so more treatment. Chemo started January 2012, radiation June, Herceptin until January 2013. Had many complications but got through. I’ve had 6 reconstruction surgeries due to radiation. During last surgery, surgeon discovered muscle died and pulled tight to deform part of ribcage.

We had some of the worst/best people around us. Saw people we thought were friends leave, neighbors pretend I was invisible – And girlfriends I hadn’t been close to put their money/time into organizing fundraisers/parties. I have been through 4+ surprise parties/dinners my husband and bestie coordinated.

I’m here. I have narcolepsy and neuropathy from chemotherapy damage, I always hurt. But again, I’m here. I’m going to my kids’ baseball/football/basketball/dance/tumbling/gymnastics/cheer/golf activities. I’m hanging with friends. I’m loving my husband. 1-year remission anniversary March 28, 2014. Looking forward to many more.

Sara Grubb
Kansas City, MO